Lead Afrique International can now enhance the support of their client’s resilience and agility during their growth life stages.

Together with LeadAfrique, Small Business Owners in Ghana can make smarter decisions to scale their businesses.

The rapid growth of micro, small and medium businesses in Ghana has led to a growing demand for business tools that support business advisors in their daily work of helping Start-ups and Small Business Owners commercialise their Ideas, define their ambitions, stay focused to make decisions and take actions to meet their growth outcomes.

The Registrar General’s Department of Ghana recently stated that 90% of registered businesses in Ghana are SMEs. 

Ghana Web has also noted in an SME Research Report that SMEs contribute an estimated 70% of Ghana’s GDP and account for approximately 85% of employment in the Ghanaian manufacturing sector.

Businesses grow faster when they are connected to a trusted and resourceful Business Advisor.

It is therefore important to assist SMEs to grow and develop if Ghana is to attain its “Ghana Beyond Aid” development objective.  

To reach more Business Owners, Michael Ohene-Effah, Co-Founder of LeadAfrique International, completed the GrowthWheel Certification Course and became the first GrowthWheel Certified and Licensed Business Advisor in Ghana, joining a global group of 3,612 Business Advisors supporting SMEs in 64 countries.

GrowthWheel is a visual toolbox and cloud-based platform used by business advisors, incubator managers, and entrepreneurship educators around the world to help businesses make decisions and take action.

Michael will be using GrowthWheel to support SMEs, entrepreneurs and hubs to streamline their operations, take evidenced-based decisions and grow their businesses more sustainably. 

Michael said “I found the GrowthWheel live certification not only educative but also enlightening.

“I understood the science behind the GrowthWheel and how I can use it as an advisor to assist clients to plan ahead, make decisions and take action. I’m going to be a better advisor and consultant as a result of this tool and platform”

Although every business has different needs, most are going through the same stages and experience the same developmental challenges. To serve them, business advisors must take them through a workflow that creates trust, productivity, and growth.

GrowthWheel Online is a remote business counselling platform that guides the work of advisors along every step of the way, from intake to reporting.

Using this cloud-based platform, advisors can help small businesses build their businesses through daily business planning, using this simple action-oriented process that stays true to the way most entrepreneurs think and work.