Leave Otiko Djaba, Ade Coker did worse

Let me entreat all faithful partisans of the New Patriotic party  to join me condemn and call for an end to the recent attacks on the Women Organizer of the party, Otiko Afisa Djaba.

In as much as I cannot vouch for the women organizer's loyalty to the NPP, I stand to be corrected that, having worked closely with Otiko Djaba for many years, she reminds me of the determination and commitment of the late Hawa Yakubu of blessed memory.

 I am yet to see among the millions of NPP women wings , one who could match the firmness and level of dedication to duty that Otiko has exhibited. She is arguably our party's re-embodiment of Hawa Yakubu.

 Or, is our party now cautious of nemesis? hence desperate to fish out traitors ?. Are we now guarded by the past  activities of Ade Coker, the Greater Accra regional Chairman of the NDC therefore worried the same fate may befall the NPP in 2016?

If in any case, Otiko Djaba's family ties may influence her sentiments to the Mahama-led government, this may likely not adversely affect the fortunes of the NPP as happened to the NDC in 2000 elections.

The reasons being that, Otiko Djaba is already aware that, many in the NPP are aware of her family ties with John Mahama therefore will even be more careful in her association with the President and the NDC unlike in the case of Ade Coker, who was relatively unknown by the NDC as our focal person therefore operated with free will and undetected.

Considering  Otiko Djaba's family ties with President John Mahama, she  would have lobbied for an appointment if she so desired, and will have gotten one if we consider the nepotism that characterized Mahama's appointment.

This is in contrast with the situation of Ade Coker who felt overlooked by the then Rawlings' government and thus was desperately lobbying candidate J. A. Kufour for the GFA presidency in a likely NPP government, a position which Kufour also disappointed him with; therefore donated cash and even went beyond his limit to relay very sensitive NDC information for our campaign team which enhanced our  chances in successive victories in 2000 and 2008 elections at the expense of the NDC, his party.

So why the fuss with Otiko who is not lobbying for appointment in the NDC government? Where lies the equation for party top hierarchies to use the Ade Coker scenario to

I found it therefore groundless when even senior party members are busily making references to Ade Coker's  past assistance to the party to humiliate the more dedicated Otiko Djaba. Now that Otiko Afisa Djaba has come out to reaffirm her loyalty to the NPP by declaring that her destiny is tied to the party, it is appropriate for Tina Mensah and her cohorts to give the women organizer the benefit of the doubt as it is not of any fault of hers to be first cousins to the President.

Let the acrimony within the party give way to togetherness so that, we shall have successful congress and forge ahead in unison to take our country back from the visionless leadership of the NDC.