The Former President of the National Association of Local Authorities in Ghana (NALAG), George Kyei-Baffour has expressed grave disappointment in Central Regional Minister Samuel Sarpong for suggesting that the president can nominate people to act as DCE’s and MCE’s if assembly members keep rejecting his nominees.

This comes on the back of the Central Regional Minister’s statement that if district assembly members refuse to vote for the president’s nominees, the president can and nominate people to work in Acting capacity.

Mr. Kyei-Baffour noted that the Constitution that allows the Electoral Commission to conduct elections to elect president, is the same Constitution that said in Article 243 that “there shall be a District Chief Executive for every district who shall be appointed by the President with the prior approval of not less than two-thirds majority of members of the Assembly present and voting at the meeting which no one can change.”

He said it is the constitutional right of the assembly members to accept or reject MCEs and DCEs nominated by president without any favour.

Mr. Kyei-Baffour said no one is above the law as the regional Minister claimed, adding that no person can take the laws of Ghana into his own hands and do what they want with it as the minister suggested.

The former NALAG President noted that people like Samuel Sarpong are the reasons the electorate mock at and criticize President John Mahama’s administration.

He stated that the action of the regional minister is morally incorrect and it is against good governance in a democratic country like Ghana.

Mr. Kyei-Baffour emphasized that Ghana is no more under military dictatorship where the authorities impose laws on citizens.

He is therefore calling on President Mahama to call Samuel Sarpong to order for the sake of the President’s own reputation.