Mr John Dramani Mahama, Leader and Presidential Candidate of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), on Saturday, carried his Party’s People’s Manifesto Agenda to organized labour unions in the country.

In attendance were representatives from some labour unions such as the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), the Civil and Local Government Staff Association, Ghana ( CLOGSAG), the Railway Workers Union and the Judicial Service Staff Association of Ghana (JUSAG).

Mr Mahama said the NDC was a labour friend party, which prioritizes the welfare of workers.
He promised organized labour that his next administration would minimise political interference in the appointment of public servants.

He said in building a strong nation, there was the need for strong institutions, which would execute their mandate without fear or favour.

He said his next administration would introduce work place housing scheme for staff of senior high schools and hospitals, adding that this would go a long way to reduce the cost of transportation of workers to work places.

He said the Aayalolo Buses, which he inaugurated during his first term in 2016, would be strengthen to boost the intra-city transportation, stating that the Aayalolo buses were meant to ease the transportation system for workers within Accra.

Mr Mahama also promised to provide more buses for the Metro Mass Transport Service to boost the intercity transport system.

He noted that the next NDC Government would introduce the 13th month pension salary for pensioners in every December.

The Presidential Candidate said his next administration would introduce the new pension reform, under which every December, pensioners would be receiving double salaries for that month.

He noted that the introduction of the 13th month salary would alleviate the plights of pensioners.

Mr Mahama said under the new pension reform to be introduced by his next Government any contributor who had lost his job could apply for part of his contributions to be paid to him until he gets a new job.

He intimated that the new pension reform would allow contributors with a minimum of 15 years contributions to use their contributions as collateral to apply for loans from banks for building a three bedroom bungalow in their hometowns, so that on their retirement, they would not suffer.

He noted that his next administration would implement a Free Primary HealthCare for all Ghanaians.

This, he said would complement the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), and that one would only require a Ghana Card to be able to access the Free Primary Healthcare without a charge.

He said the Free Primary HealthCare programme was a new programme coming to supplement the NHIS programme.