The Presidential Candidate of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) John Mahama says if given the mandate come December 7, he will amend the National Pensions Act.

This initiative, he said, will allow workers who lose their jobs to be paid stipends while they search for new ones.

“If you lose income or you lose employment and you are not getting employment, you can be paid something small from your pension until you get a job again.”

He made this revelation during his 2-day tour of the Savannah Region.

Addressing a durbar, he stated that, workers who have contributed for 15 years to SSNIT will also be allowed to use their contributions as collateral to access mortgage loans.

“After contributing to the pension fund for 15 years, you can take your pension payments as collateral and take it to your bank for a loan and come and build a small house in your hometown so when you retire you have a place to come and stay instead of going to stay in your family house.”

John Mahama ended his tour of the Region on Monday and he is expected to intensify his campaign in other areas today with less than a week to the December 7 election.

He also appealed to the residents and the people of the Savannah region to vote massively for him during the December polls.