Gunshots flared when Mamprusis and Kusasis clashed in Kumasi yesterday in what appears to be an extension of the Bawku tribal conflict between the two ethnic groups.

Police however discount reports on the shoot-out though one person was said to have been wounded in the clash before police arrived at the scene.

Reports say tempers flared at the Asawasi Market when some Kusasis pounced on a girl suspected to be Mamprusi for wearing a T-shirt with what they consider provocative inscription.

It is unclear what was written on the shirt but it was said to have been banned in Bawku by security agencies ahead of last weeks Damba Festival to prevent clashes between the two ethnic groups.

An eyewitness who spoke on condition of anonymity said Mamprusis at the market confronted Kusasis in defense of the girl.

The attackers disappeared before police arrived only to resurface immediately the security personnel left.

According to the eye-witness, several AK 47 assault riffles and other sophisticated weapons were on display.

He wants police to arrest some elders of Mamprusis and Kusasis whom he accused of masterminding the clash at the market.

He is afraid any delay to beef up security at the market could worsen the already volatile situation.

Meanwhile, the Regional Police Command has dismissed reports of gun shots in the clashes.

Command sources however say police is taking precautionary measures to avert any escalation of violence at the market.

Credit: Ohemeng Tawiah, Nhyira FM


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