Group Chief Executive and Managing Director of GOIL Patrick Akorli is set to retire from the company in November 2019. 

He is expected to move and take on the position as Board Chair of the company’s subsidiary GOENERGY. 

This was announced at the company’s 50th Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Accra on Thursday.  

Mr Akorli is hailed for the crucial role he played in returning the company to profitability after he assumed office as Chief Executive of the oil firm.

He was appointed as the Managing Director of GOIL in June 2012 at a time when competition in the industry was at an all-time high.

Before he rose to become the Managing Director of GOIL, Patrick Akorli was the Finance Manager at the Oil company. 

He has served with GOIL for the last 24 years, rising through the ranks and serving as Chief Accountant and Chief Internal Auditor at different times.