Crowds are building up at the Independence Square, venue for this year’s Joy FM Annual Old Skuuls Reunion with participating schools battling each other in a number of competitions.

The first competition was the basket ball penalties which had the Adidome Senior High School, Ghana Secondary/Technical School, Takoradi, Hohoe EP Senior High School, St Paul Senior High School, St Mary’s Senior High School, St Thomas Aquinas SHS, Tema Secondary Technical, Suhum Secondary Technical and the Continental Hall of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

Continental Hall, Temasco and Adidome SHS went for the finals and the university students proved their mettle by winning the competition.

The Vandals, students Commonwealth Hall of the University of Ghana held the crowds spellbound with their majestic walk to the podium where they mobbed Joy FM and the BBC’s Komla Dumor.

Currently underway is the Jama competition.

Adidome Senior High School, Ghana Secondary/Technical School, Takoradi, University of Education, Winneba, St Paul Senior High School, Abor Senior High School, Unity Hall, KNUST, Tsito Secondary Technical, and the Zulu Community are participating.

The Vandals preceded their well-rehearsed performance with their own rendition of the National anthem.

They electrified the atmosphere with fabulous performances.

When the Zulu Community of Accra Polytechnic took the stage, they enchanted the crowds with rituals, incantations, and invocation of their ancestral spirits probably to let them prevail in the competition.

Apart from the dramatic entry and rituals, the Jama performance itself did not appear to surpass the classy performance of the Vandals but this may well depend on who you ask.

The Spartans from the University of Education took the game to the Vandals with equally spectacular performances.

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