Medeama SC technical director Evans Adotey was not friendly to the media after he was asked a question about the club’s head coach Tom Strand.

Adotey supervised the team’s 1-0 defeat at the Golden City Park to Berekum Chelsea in an outstanding Premier League game on Wednesday.

Head coach Tom Strand, who has been linked with a move away from the club after he abandoned his duties at half time during this month’s pulsating 2-2 draw with Asante Kotoko, is alleged to have held secret talks with the Porcupine Warriors.

Read what ensued between a journalist and the livid Evans Adotey after being asked about the whereabouts of the Swede

Journalist:  “Coach many are of the view that there is some form of destabilization, we know of the issue of Tom Strand….”

Coach Adotey quickly interjected and stated:

“ Please please cut this question off, cut it off before I will continue, you saw Adotey on the bench today- the head coach is not around and  I am the technical director so don’t bring this issue up.”

The journalist then came in and said:

“That is the same question…”

A furious Adotey for the second time came in and asked the journalist to drop the issue.

“Cut the question.”

The journalist pleaded with the technical director to hear him.

“Coach , allow me to end the question and you will appreciate what I want to ask you.”

All attempts proved futile as coach Adotey stood his grounds.

“You saw coach Adotey on the bench so I have nothing to explain. I was with the national team ( Black Maidens) and we ended our qualifiers on Saturday and I was called by the club president to rush down and here I am because the head coach is nowhere to be found.”

Medeama SC 13th on the league standings with just 4 points after five games played.


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