Lesley woke up from his bed, entered the bathroom to take his bath; he reached under the tap on the wall and turn it to the right, the water run down his body as he stood chilled. He washed his face and brushed his teeth.

Outside his house, a group of young men in black stood in front of the wooden gate that led to his apartment. As the bell sounded, he panicked, he put his gun behind him and moved to the door, he popped through the window and saw the police van outside. He became frightened the more he thought of what to do.

These people where the BNI. He moved out of the house through the back door and took his Suzuki motor bike. The men heard the sound of the motor bike and rushed out of the house after him, the Suzuki motor bike swerved to the left now, towards the OSU road, he sped all out as the BNI van followed on. As the sirens of the BNI van sounded, more of the vehicles on the road gave way to the Suzuki bike to pass.

 It was a hot chase as vans could not make it through the small pass ways of the city. Lesley was able to escape from the BNI. As Lesley sped down the Labadi suburb roads, he packed at the filling station where he could make a phone call. “I told you not to call me on my phone, I have to be doing the calling” a female voice spoke in a distance.

“I have been spotted by the BNI” Lesley said as he turned around to see if anybody was spying on him. The woman became silent and put the phone on hold. After ten minutes she issued out some instructions to Lesley to follow.

Edward carried himself into the room as Julia entered, with his shoulders thrown back and his chin tucked hard into the chest. His “ti” hair cut was what made him very special in the eyes of his girlfriend.  As he advanced to the sitting room, his dark eyes seemed to scorch the carpet before him, radiating a fiery clarity that forecast his handsomeness for the unblinking severity in all matters.

Edward followed Julia down the hall through the staircase into the television room for the kids. As they descended, they passed through the entrance of the kitchen, opening another door leading to a sunken atrium beneath the house. The path had illuminated two armed traditional guards with machine guns, quite not depicting a Ghanaian culture, a total contradiction of how African misuse western ideas (Democracy, Intelligence, ideology, doctrine, dispensation of thoughts and the impartation of what actually is within our reason to accomplish), this seems unbelievable as Edward knew that the traditional people did not have any idea of what a machine gun was, was Julia’s father trying to communicate something.

The message was clear to Edward now; it was Julia’s father’s study room. Descending down the stairs that separated the top most part of the building from the lower part, they entered what seemed to be their destination. As Julia opened the door, Edward fought a rising trepidation. Her father’s picture on the wall gave a welcoming smile as Edward watched the picture on the far west of the room. The windows were very blur and difficult to see outside or inside of the room.

There were a lot of books on the shelf and some placed on a wooden shell on the wall. The interior decoration of the room was designed with illuminated subtle tread-lightning embedded in each step. Edward could hear his own footsteps as well as that of Julia reverberating off the glass overhead.

As he glanced up, he could see the famous picture drawn by Mr. Amon Kotei, the faint illuminated wisps of mist from the fountain of the Kumasi sports stadium, and the original drawing of the Coat of Arms.

“I love this painting by Mr. Amon Kotei” said Edward as he moved closer to the picture.

Julia watched nodding her head in agreement. Edward sensed his host was a very tough lady now, from the time he had spent with her.

 Julia taught in her head if Edward had any idea that the drawing was done in 1998 even before the stadium was restructured to suit the African Cups of Nations in 2008. With 8 people sharing ideas as to how the whole thing should be like. This was a bizarre request which became a hot topic on all the radio stations around the period, that the number 8 was a ritual symbol. Julia decided not to bother him with the facts. As they drew further into the room, the yawing space slowly emerged from the shadows, now; Edward knew where he had been led to, the domain for the national symbols. Built 14 feet beneath ground level, the library newly constructed 2000 square foot lobby spread out like an endless hall.

No other person knows this place as the place was only associated to Julia’s father and mother, very important people in the Ghanaian society. Her father was the electoral commissioner and her mother was the CEO of TV3. “Your father must be a lover of the Ghanaian symbols?” Edward asked. “He is” Julia answered, sounding as if Edward was trying to tease her.  “Obviously, someone is not supposed to be here today, inside this room which only belongs to a family, why have you brought me here?”  Edward asked.

“How well do you want to know more about the coat of arms of Ghana?”  Julia said as she came down from the stairs to keep pace with Edward. “My father was supposed to meet with the professor to discuss some issues concerning the coat of arms but it flopped as my father was invited to the AU summit.”  Edward was surprised to hear that from Julia. How come the media men did not get the extra information about the professor meeting with Julia’s father, Mr. Randy Oscar?


         The modest dwelling space was located on the second streets of Labadi. A two room suite with a stone floor and minimal furnishings, it had been home to one of the people who Lesley was working for, the female voice had instructed him to relocate to the area for the main time. Tonight, asleep in his small bed which the person staying there before his coming had given him, he awoke to the shrill of his phone. Tiredly he picked up his phone and answered the call. “You can stay in the house for some time now, I have called the inspector general and he will put your chase off.” The female voice said. Although the voice sound very nice, Lesley knew how trickiest the woman could be, weighing the possibilities of been caught and her refusing ever knowing him. “I apologize if I have put you in any difficult situation; I was just scared to be caught.”  Lesley said in a trembling voice.

Puzzled, the woman mentioned her name to Lesley as Juana. Lesley trying to believe that he had the name right as Juana. “Why are you telling me your name now?” Lesley asked. “It is time boss and servant met and have a good time together” Juana said and smiled behind the phone. Her thirty-six year body was smooth and oily and, thus, reflected in her tone.

That night, she couldn’t sleep as the voice of Lesley spoke in a fearful way. As she slept on the bed, she kept on thinking of Lesley and how he looked like. She had been speaking to someone she had never seen.

The truth behind the Coat of Arms has made her very uneasy in life. Beyond the prelature’s adherence to the arcane ritual symbols of the Coat of Arms of Ghana. She had been shocked to learn that the coat of arms was made up of ritual symbols like the invisible safari horses, the struggling eagles, the Saint George’s cross, the two snakes, the black and the white magic symbols in the coat of arms.

The most annoying of all was the inferiority of the masses against women in the society, she wanted to stand and defend the nation of its national symbols, she had the strong assertion that the parliament of Ghana will pass a law which will see to the arrest of any citizen who will paint the nation’s symbols in a dark way.

Swinging her legs off the bed, she stood slowly, chilled by the cold; she closed the window and went back to bed. As the chill rose through her flesh, she felt an unexpected apprehension.

The coat of arms a ritual symbol?

As a student of Jayee University College, a private University and as a journalism student, she had learned to find peace in the calming voice of the youth in general. Tonight, however, those voices were as loud as the surroundings of Tudu at Kantamanto and the environs of Adum in Kejetia.

What even made her crazy about these allegations were when news came out that her father’s Vodafone company’s symbol was a 666 symbol.

Others said the Vodafone symbol was a tear, other allegations were the people who were rushing for the money in the red pot, people said those people on the bill board rushing for the money in the red ritual pot where just chasing for ritual money because the red pot was always affiliated to the ritual activities in our distinguished traditional ritual settings.

Money in a red pot….


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To be continued…….

DISCLAIMER: The Views, Comments, Opinions, Contributions and Statements made by Readers and Contributors on this platform do not necessarily represent the views or policy of Multimedia Group Limited.

DISCLAIMER: The Views, Comments, Opinions, Contributions and Statements made by Readers and Contributors on this platform do not necessarily represent the views or policy of Multimedia Group Limited.