The Northern Regional Minister, Alhaji Mustapha Ali Idris, has called for the establishment of libraries attached to traditional councils in the country for the documentation of land acquisition and traditional order of succession to solve the ethnic and land conflicts.

He said chieftaincy and land matters, especially in the Northern region, which were supposed to be a unifying force and a rallying point, had become a frequent cause of conflict and dissension because of the absence of proper land documentation and traditional order of succession.

He has therefore called on those who know the customs and were the custodians of the land to begin to collate facts on traditional line of succession, land ownership and acquisition and document them for easy reference to avert any conflict of interest between clans.

Alhaji Idris made the call at the weekend at a durbar of chiefs and people of Gonjaland at the 31st Annual Congress of the Gonjaland Youth Association (GYA) at Sawla in the Sawla-Tuna-Kalba District.

The annual rotational congress during the Easter season among Gonjaland towns aimed at soliciting funds to support education and other developmental agenda of the people and to foster unity in Gonjaland.

This year’s congress was on the theme: “Peaceful coexistence – a necessary tool for development”, and brought together people of Gonjaland from all over the country and in the Diaspora to contribute their quota towards development.

Alhaji Idris said the youth, who were destined to lead the country in future should let their sentiments and intentions go deeper than casual statements made on platforms about promoting peace and should therefore refrain from doing things that would tear things apart.

He appealed to the youth of Gonjaland to take up the challenge and start the process and establish first class libraries attached to their chieftaincy institutions and make proper documentation for record keeping.

Alhaji Ahmed Ewura, National President of the GYA appealed to the people
of Gonjaland to take advantage of the government’s development intervention programmes such as the National Health Insurance Scheme, the National Youth Employment programme, the capitation grant and the school feeding programmes and enroll their children in schools.

He appealed to the unemployed youth to particularly consider the youth in agriculture under the Youth Employment component since there were vast virgin lands in Gonjaland to cater for improvement in their lives.

Alhaji Ewura appealed to the government to tar roads in Gonjaland, particularly the Fufulso junction-Sawla and the Tamale Salaga roads to facilitate farming activities in the region.

Alhaji Amadu Seidu, MP for Yaipe-Gusawgu constituency called on the government to establish a cement factory at Buipe in Central Gonja District to make good use of the abundant lime stone deposit there to generate more income for the area and the nation.

Source: GNA