The Minority in Parliament has accused government of granting tax waivers worth over $600 million to 15 companies alleged to be cronies of the ruling NPP under the One District, One Factory programme.

The government is currently seeking Parliament’s approval on a request for waiver of Import Duty, Import VAT, GETFund Levy, NHIL, and EXIM Levy on machinery, equipment and raw materials to be procured by the entities under the One District One Factory (1D1F) programme.

The entities seeking tax waivers include Keda Ghana Ceramics Company Limited (waiver amount of US$13,510,881.00); Sunda Ghana Limited (waiver amount of US$6,799,183.00); Happy Sunshine Company Ghana Limited (waiver amount of US$2,770,191.00); Sinostone Alcohol Manufacturing Limited (waiver amount of US$573,520,00); Appah Farms Limited (waiver amount of US$278,429.00); Western Deedew Group Limited US$36,645.00).

The rest are Koudjis Ghana Limited (waiver amount of US$32,222.00); Sunda Ghana Investment Limited (waiver amount of US$5,559,019.00); Zonda Sinotruk Assembly Plant Limited (waiver amount of US$5,109,675.00); Brompton Portfolio Limited (waiver amount US$4,996, 170,00); Golden Africa Consumer Products Ghana Limited (waiver amount of US$3,091,126.00); Golden Africa Soap Industries Ghana Limited (waiver amount of US$2,561,664.00); GB Pharma Ghana Limited (waiver amount US$2,199,052.00); Beatex Enterprise Limited (waiver amount US$200,626.00); and Narubiz Limited (waiver amount of US$25.933.00).

But speaking to Adom News on the back of government’s request, Deputy Minority spokesperson on Trade, Industry and Tourism, Yusif Sulemana accused government of selectivity in granting tax waivers.

He urged government to grant such waivers to all entities who qualify regardless of their party affiliation.

The Bole Bamboi MP also described the government’s 1D1F programme as a total failure, adding that most of the projects are on paper and cannot be located on the ground.