Member of Parliament for the Sissala West constituency, Mr Mohammed Adam Sukparu has donated 100 bags of cement to support the Jawia community to complete a self-initiated health post project.

He made the donation after a ‘thank you tour’ on his election as a Member of Parliament for the area, which also coincided with his 100 days in office.

Mr Sukparu said he was inspired by the communal spirit of the constituents, which brought them together to build their own health centre and asked other communities to emulate.

He promised to support the Jawia health facility with furnishing including; provision of beds and other equipment necessary for its operation when completed.

“Even before our common fund is released, be rest assured that I will support every initiative intended to improve the welfare of the people in every part of the constituency,” he assured.

He noted that the health sector in the constituency was confronted with numerous challenges such as infrastructural deficit, inadequate personnel and logistics especially for the Gwollu hospital that needed additional medical doctor and other professionals.

Mr Sukparu admonished the people to continue to live in peace saying, “the time for politics is over and let us now come together to develop our consistency.”

The Assembly Member of Jawia electoral area, Mr Salifu Gbenmie Emoro told the Ghana News Agency that the current four-room infrastructure used as a health centre was meant to serve as an accommodation for health staff pending the construction of a health facility and thanked the former MP and Regional Minister Alhaji Amidu Sulemana, the Chiefs and others for supporting the initiative.

The Jawia community initially had a CHPS compound, which was later upgraded to a health centre, but the lack of space and other logistics compelled the community to launch an appeal from every section of the community and kinsmen for self-construction of the ongoing community driven project.