MTNGhana, the leading telecommunications network in Ghana, was adjudged the best Information Communication Technology (ICT) Company of the Year at the recently held Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) Awards ceremony.

The awards ceremony which took at the banquet hall of the state house,is the second to beorganized by the association after the maiden event held last year.

The AGI Awards is a national event aimed at recognizing industries that have distinguished themselves in their respective sectors. It is also meant to provide a platform to help define the highest standards of excellence in business.

Receiving the award on behalf of theorganization, Miss Efua Falconer, the Corporate Communications Manager of MTN, thanked the organizers of the awards as well as the members of AGI for their recognition of MTN’sleading role in the ICT industry. She said, “MTN will continue inits quest to use the latest in ICT solutions in achieving its vision of leading the delivery of bold new digital world to its subscribers”.

Earlier in the month, MTN Foundation was also recognized by the Young Professionals and Youth Coalition Initiative for its support towards youth development and empowerment, transforming raw skills into productive ventures for increased socio-economic development in the country.

MTN continuous to be at the forefront of advancing youth development in the country through various initiatives such asthe MTN Hitmaker Reality Show, the MTN Soccer Academy Reality Show, the MTN Apps Challenge, among others.

Other corporate organizationsthat were recognized at the AGI Award include: Strategic Communications Africa for Best Business Promotion and Consultancy Sector; Polytank Ghana Limited for Rubber and Plastics Sector; Japan Motors Limited for Auto mobile and Transportation Sector, among others


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