The National Commission on Small Arms and Light Weapons has condemned in no uncertain terms the recent activities of some secessionist groups in the Western Togoland issue.

In a press statement signed by the Board Chairman, Reverend Paul Frimpong-Manso, the Commission stated that the group seeking Independence could have used proper channels in airing their grievances.

“They could have resorted to the use of proper channels to have their issues or grievances addressed if justified rather than resorting to chaos and creating tension and panic in the Volta Region.”

The Commission described their acts of destroying private and public property as unlawful thereby disqualifying them from attracting any public sympathy nor warranting any sort of positive result on their request for independence.

They also addressed the acts as violent and only depict insensitivity to the national course and total disregard for human lives and properties.

“The blocking of roads, attack on a police station and officers, seizing of police weapons, burning of properties among other unlawful acts by the secessionist groups do not demonstrate any good intentions that should attract any public sympathy nor yield any positive results in their quest for their demands.”

The National Commission on small arms and light weapons cautioned that such persons and behaviour must be frown upon at a time as crucial as this when the country looks forward to December 7, they preached for safety and security to reign.

“The country, as we all know, heads to the polls in December 2020 and it is paramount that we all concern ourselves with our safety and security. The last thing we need as a people with one destiny is to create fear and panic.”

According to them, a country that settles her misunderstandings with violence and guns does not have any future and cannot leave any hope for her children and generations yet unborn.  

The Commission called on the Security Agencies and the authorities to expedite action in fashioning out a lasting solution to the situation before it is too late

They also urged the Secessionist Groups to use all lawful avenues available in seeking redress to whatever grievances they might have for a win/win situation. This is because, according to them, “resorting to violence makes all of us losers.”

The Commission urged all Ghanaians and the secessionist group to exercise restraint no matter the grievances, as well as seeking the collective good of all and helping to advance Ghana’s socio-economic development.