The National Youth Authority (NYA) has developed a National Youth Volunteer Programme (NYVP) 2021-2030 framework to formalise the activities of youth volunteer groups in the country.

The NYVP framework seeks to encourage the youth in volunteering services in a formalised system to enable them acquire skills and experiences that come with it.

It also aims to establish effective management, implementation and reporting of a youth volunteering system towards national development.

Mr Nelson Owusu Ansah, Acting Chief Executive Officer of the National Youth Authority (NYA), at the validation of the framework, said it would enable the youth to build their capacities through volunteering in social works.

He said volunteering in social and community works would enable them build career opportunities and curriculum vitae and give them a competitive advantage in the world of work.

“In addition to improving their self-esteem and confidence, it enables them to acquire better knowledge of ethics in communal, local, national and global citizenships,” he added.

Mr Owusu Ansah said that could serve as an alternative to formal employment for them to put to good use their energies and skills.

He said the Authority was committed to facilitating youth development through initiatives such as that, which provided the platform for young people to contribute to national development.

“It is in this regard that the NYVF has been designed to enable the NYA to develop and coordinate the implementation of youth volunteer programmes,” he reiterated.

He said it would address the challenges to effective volunteering services, including the lack of support, funding, recognition, rewarding and incentives system, which inhibited youth volunteerism

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