The National Communications Authority has committed to play its regulatory role to ensure optimum mobile-service delivery especially during and after the elections.

This comes in the wake of frequent mobile network disruptions on mobile networks in recent times.

The authority in this light yesterday directed MTN to with immediate effect, cease selling new SIM cards until further notice.

The Deputy Director in Charge of Corporate and Consumer Affairs, Mawuko Zormello tells Joy Business, this is an indication of the authority’s commitment to ensure optimum service delivery by the operators especially on the election-day.

“This is one of the directives because on the elections day we expect traffic to move. We are monitoring to ensure that the functions for telephony would be pursued and it is not a one-off thing; we do constant monitoring so that at any stage we alert operators on what we think ought to be done” he said.

“If you would recall about two weeks ago, we issued an advertisers announcement reminding Ghanaians that the SIM registration exercise is still in force. This has so many meanings and we gauge the temperature and work according to that” he concluded.

MTN however says it is engaging and cooperating with the NCA to implement the directive. In a statement the mobile operator is therefore assuring its customers it is urgently working address the network challenges.


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