The opposition, National Democratic Congress (NDC) has condemned in no uncertain terms the arrest and questioning of Major Boakye Djan after he allegedly said there could be civil unrest should the Electoral Commission (EC) continue with the impending voter register compilation.

According to the NDC, his arrest constitutes an attempt to intimidate those in opposition while curtailing freedom of expression.

“The arrest and interrogation of Major Boakye Djan, a dedicated ex-service man in his home for comments he had every right to make is a major setback for all the progress we have made to promote Freedom of Speech and Expression.

“No wonder Ghana continues to perform abysmally in press freedom and freedom of expression ratings.”

The NDC said the comments made by the ex-serviceman were only a caution to government about “its actions and inactions that could plunge this otherwise peaceful country into chaos.”

They described his arrest as unconstitutional and a political persecution.

They alleged that the Akufo-Addo led administration has turned the “Ghana Police Service into an NPP Police Service that they control like their puppet. This is a very dangerous development of politicizing an important state institution like the Police Service.”

In the statement signed by the NDC National youth Organiser, George Opare Addo, the NDC expressed their displeasure with the singling out of the ex-serviceman for his comments despite “more damning comments” being made by NPP stalwarts.

“The Youth Wing of the National Democratic Congress agrees with the position of Major Boakye Djan. Our nation is on the brink of civil unrest. We believe the posture of the EC is detrimental to the cause of our nation. The entire nation is sitting on a time bomb, ready to explode if we allow this failed President to remote control the EC into doing his inordinate desires.”

They are therefore convinced that “the NPP is aware it stands NO chance in the 2020 elections if the elections are free and fair hence its desperate attempt to suppress the will of the people of Ghana by rigging the elections in connivance with the EC through Jean Mensa and Bossman Asare who they brought for this purpose.”

Therefore the oppositions is advising government to spend it’s time fixing “our economy and lead us out of the mess they have created.”