The opposition NDC’s Diaspora Supporters Union says they will resist plans by the Electoral Commission to disenfranchise qualified voters during the December polls.

The EC is preparing to compile a new voters’ register for the December polls, a decision the opposition has sternly criticised.

On Thursday, the NDC had held a press briefing to accuse the EC among other things of conspiring with the ruling NPP and the NIA to rig Election 2020.

According to them, the use of the National Identification card and passport as evidence of identification during registration despite the limited number of Ghanaians who have these requirements was unfortunate.

Although the EC says the use of the National Identification card and the passport is essential to aid in the elimination of unqualified names in the register, thus calling for the amendment of the CI 91 which is currently before parliament, the NDC Diaspora Supporters Union still disagree.

A statement copied to JoyNews said “the difference between the voters roll that elected President Akufo-Addo and the roll of persons who will qualify as per the CI 126 to vote in 2020 is very striking and leads to only one conclusion: there will be no level playing field, democracy would be traversed and election is to be rigged.

“The 1992 constitution frowns upon moves by politicians to secure power through the back door or steal the mandate of the people. In 2008, the NPP set to rig the presidential and parliamentary elections but were woefully embarrassed leading to the first failed attempt by Nana Akufo-Addo to win the Presidency of Ghana.”