One of the leading contenders in the Convention’s Peoples Party (CPP) flagbearership race, Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom, has sent the clearest of signals to the two major political parties in the country that, they must be ready for issues-based campaigns next year in the run-up to the December 2008 General Elections.

He warned that, they must do that or perish, since that is what he (Nduom) stands for, and that is what he will run and compel them too to run.

The former Minister for Public Sector Reform was speaking to newsmen on Monday at the CPP headquarters shortly after filing his nomination, for which fees is pegged at ¢100 million.

Dr. Nduom said, “I want to send a very strong signal to Prof Mills, and whoever will be favoured by the NPP delegates at their congress that, I promise a clean, positive and interesting campaign in 2008.”

“We will have a campaign of ideas and solutions,” he then warned. Sounding sure of being elected by his party to hoist its flag to Election 2008, Dr. Nduom stated, “I will be in the presidential race to push the agenda that will make it possible for Ghanaians to judge all the presidential aspirants by their performances in government.”

He added that, he will also make sure that each of the other candidates (and their parties) are judged by their actions, character and their ability to implement solutions that make positive impacts on the lives of Ghanaians, and also on their leadership qualities.

He further indicated that, he stands for a small and efficient administration, and for the strengthening of Parliament and the Judiciary.

According to him, the country needs a leader who will focus on solving its problems and implement ideas that can really free our people from poverty and become prosperous.

Dr. Nduom re-affirmed his belief in such a leadership, and called on the CPP to give him the opportunity and privilege to serve as the next president of Ghana to prove exactly what he means.

He pointed out that, a CPP administration led by him will make policies and programmes that will significantly accelerate the pace of Ghana’s development, and supported that point with the observation that, no country has developed and prospered on the back of just exporting raw materials to feed factories abroad.

According to Dr. Nduom, domestic industries that export value-added products are what the country needs to break out from poverty, because that is what provides sustainable jobs and living wages and salaries in this modern world.

Source: The Independent