Independence day is here with us again and as usual we are going through the ritual of flogging ourselves about how little we have achieved considering the significant natural resources put at our disposal – gold, diamond, bauxite, manganese, oil and gas and soil that delivers cocoa, timber, rice, maize etc. plus human capital that is celebrated in many parts of the world. 

We are comparing our slow match with that of Singapore, Malaysia and South Korea and feel distressed by how little our accomplishments are compared to theirs. 

Some claim we have lost our independence.  Others respond that we never had it.  There are still people who argue that we should not have become an independent nation in the first place because we have proven not capable of managing our own affairs.  So much of nostalgic feelings are being poured on us by many who have seen a better Ghana than the one we have presently.  In the end our people blame our leaders – who for the most part were put in their positions by we the people.

This 6th of March I suggest that we all brighten the corners we find ourselves in.  If we all did that, we the people will take ownership of our country and improve it, develop it and make it great and strong.  We will not cry about our leaders because we will put them there in a more thoughtful manner; and with great expectations.   Because we will know that who we put there will determine how well we prosper.  We cannot plant a lemon seed and hope for a sweet mango.

Happy Independence Day!