Driver, female boss assaulted by police over “rickety” vehicle

Driver, female boss assaulted by police over “rickety” vehicle
Source: Ghana | | Naa Sakwaba Akwa |
Date: 24-08-2017 Time: 05:08:38:pm

A driver and his female boss have been allegedly assaulted by police officers after they resisted arrest for using a “rickety” vehicle.

The driver named only as Ebenezer, and his madam were stopped around the Accra Mall roundabout by an officer from the Airport MTTD on Tuesday on their return from a project site.

The police officer requested to see his driver’s license, which he produced.

After looking at it, the officer told Ebenezer that he has been arrested and that his vehicle will be impounded.

Ebenezer said when he inquired from the police man about why he was being arrested and his car impounded, “he failed to answer me.”

When his boss realized there was a confrontation between the driver and the two men, she approached the officer and asked what was causing the hold up.

But the officer refused to respond to her.

The driver said the officer asked, “if she is my lawyer and stated he does not need to give any legally valid reason for seizing the car.”

But “My madam told him that he must give a legally valid reason for seizing the car but he could not. So my madam told him that since there is no reason for seizing the car, they will not follow him to the station.”

The officer, according to Ebenezer started hurling insults at his boss, but she stood her ground and requested for a reason why her vehicle was being seized.

The angry officer, at this point, then told his other colleagues that he was being disrespected by the woman and that they were resisting arrest.

The other officers then came to question the driver and his boss and advised that they accompanied them to the station as suggested by the first officer.

This time, they complied. But it was at the station that the driver was beaten by the officer.

Airport Assault

Ebenezer's bloodshot eye

Ebenezer said when they got to the station, a female officer “asked me to give her my car keys but instead I gave it to my madam. As soon as I gave my madam the keys the officers on the veranda rushed on me demanding why I gave my madam the keys and started slapping me, hitting me repeatedly in my eye, kicking and beating me.”

He said his boss, who had started recording the incident with her mobile phone, was accosted and assaulted by an officer.

She sustained some bruises on her arm because the officer had refused to let go of her arm until she handed over her phone, but she refused to oblige.

Airport Assault

His boss's bruised cheek

When the incident was reported to the station Commander, who was asbsent at the time the whole incident began, he said he was unable to make a decision on the matter because he did not know who was telling the truth or otherwise.

He asked that the driver’s keys are returned and ordered him and his boss to go home.

Ebenezer said he found the Commander’s conclusion on the issue strange because his clothes had been reduced to rags, there marks on my body, my eye stained with blood.

Airport Assault

Bruised arm

“My madam was clearly in pain, and I have returned home to a throbbing headache, pain throughout my body and severe pain in my eye,” he added.

He said his madam, who is an asthma patient suffered an attack when she got home and all he wants is justice for the inhumane manner in which they were treated.

The Aiport Police have since declined comment on the matter.

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