Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in health are warning the new approved fees and charges for Korle Bu Teaching Hospital and other government health agencies will hinder the poor’s access to health.

The NGOs say newly approved high levies for medical treatment could hinder government’s efforts to ensure access to healthcare, especially for the poor.

Parliament on Monday amended the instrument authorizing the fixing of the fees. In effect, fees and charges by some government ministries, departments and agencies are expected to go up by 200 percent.

Chairman of the Subsidiary legislation Committee of Parliament, Osei Bonsu Amoah, said on the floor of Parliament that newly approved fees are to raise revenue.

He also said that the proposals in the instrument are in line with regulations 20 of the financial administration regulation, 2004.

According to him the committee noted that ‘’some of the rates, fees and charges collected by the MDAs for the delivery of goods and services to the general public have become obsolete".

Sidu Ahwoi of the Universal Access to Healthcare Coalition the situation is worrying because the teachings hospitals like Korle Bu are the major referral hospitals for the regional and district hospitals.

"If we don't take time, when patients are referred to [teaching hospitals], they will get there and not be admitted because they will not be able to afford", Mr Ahwoi noted.


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