Rapper Edem has defended the National Security Minister, Albert Kan Dapaah, over his leaked viral video.

According to Edem, there is nothing wrong with two matured adults engaging in any form of conversation.

“Okay So ..I honestly See nothing wrong with Kan Dapaah’s video. Two Adults can indulge in anything once it doesn’t bother anybody The convo to sounded one-sided too U should be careful if you are asked what are u wearing ooo,” he wrote on his Twitter handle.

The National Security Minister went viral after a video chat with an unknown lady went viral.

Many Ghanaians shared their opinions with some explaining why Kan Dapaah’s video is not morally right while others like Edem have expressed support the Minister. 

Some people have also taken to social media with viral memes of the conversation.

Edem stated that the Minister’s wife is the one who has the right to get angry not Ghanaians.

He admitted there might be foul play because the conversation seemed one-sided to him.

He added that people should be careful about what they do during video calls.

Nothing wrong with Kan Dapaah's video - Edem