The General Secretary of the General Agricultural Workers Union, Edward Kareweh says the New Patriotic Party’s flagship programme, ‘Planting for Foods and Jobs’ is flawed with a lot of challenges.

According to him, the policy was not tested to access its feasibility, advantages and weaknesses.

“You can measure a good policy from the outcome, but a policy by itself when it is not tested, you may think it is good, but when it is tested for the outcomes they fall short of being good,” he said.

Speaking to JoyNews’ George Wiafe on PM Express, Mr. Kareweh suggested that there must be more specifically targeted policies to ensure that farmers benefit from their labour.

He added that the government must accept all feedbacks so as to address all challenges with the programme effectively.

“If you claim it has not got challenges and it is achieving the desired results then you’re not motivated to look out for the challenges and if we agree that the programme is having challenges then we will be more committed to addressing those challenges,” he said.

Planting for Food and Jobs is a flagship agricultural Campaign of the New Patriotic Party, with five (5) implementation modules.

The modules aim to promote food security and the immediate availability of selected food crops on the market and also provide jobs.

Mr. Kareweh cautioned that Agriculture should not be treated like any other sector of the economy so as to not create problems.