The furore generated at the Western Regional House of Chiefs following the resignation of Dr. George Sipa-Yankey as Health Minister and his replacement, has taken another turn.

The Omanhene of Nsein traditional area, Awulae Agyefi Kwame II, has gone public and expressed his disappointment at the turn of events.

“As a traditional ruler, I am not happy and I want to meet the President and tell him his mistakes,” he said.

The Western Regional House of Chiefs on Monday, October 19, denied that it had met to “wage war” against the President in connection with Dr. Yankey’s resignation and replacement.

But, on Tuesday October 20, when Awulae Kwame addressed a news conference, he said: “I am one of the traditional leaders in the region who are not happy with President John Evans Atta Mills’ failure to appoint an indigene from our region to replace Dr Sipa- Yankey.”

He contended that there were capable NDC members from the Western Region who could equally replace Dr. Yankey.

He said his comments followed the statement made by the Western Regional Minister, Paul Evans Aidoo, to the House that “it is the prerogative of the President to appoint any cabinet minister as he wishes”.

“I see it as an unfortunate statement coming from him and it should not be allowed to melt away. Our Regional Minister ought to know that the 1992 constitution enjoins our President to ensure that his appointment of cabinet ministers is based on regional balance,” pointing out that the present composition of Cabinet was “imbalanced” against the Western Region.

Awulae Kwame, recalled that in February this year, the President appointed Mr Joseph Yieleh Chireh as Minister of Local Government, Alhaji Muntaka Mohammed Muburak as Youth and Sports Minister and later replaced him with Mr. Abdul Rashid Pelpuo.

Mr. Albert Abongo, he said, also replaced Mr. Moses Asaga as Minister for Water Resources, Works and Housing.

He said that the NPP administration appointed four Westerners as cabinet ministers, including the Speaker.

“If the President should appoint Dr. Benjamin Kumbuor also from the Upper West Region in place of Dr. Sipa-Yankey of the Western Region, does our Regional Minister see this as balanced and proper?,” the Omanhene asked and contended that the Western Region stood to gain as her sons in the cabinet would pursue the interests of its people.

“All we had was Dr. Sipa-Yankey and we’re the hen that lays the golden eggs …. We have the gold, manganese and oil; what is good for the goose, is good for the gander.”

Awulae Kwame said since January, this year, requests by Western Region chiefs to confer with the President had failed.

Source: The Ghanaian Times


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