The quarter-final stage of the 2021 National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ) commences today, November 19.

Twenty-seven schools that showed dominance at the one-eighth stage are set and ready to better their chances and win the covetable trophy.

The first three schools to compete at Friday’s contest are Sonrise SHS, Bolgatanga SHS, and St Peter’s SHS. This contest scheduled at 9AM promises to be exciting as the prize for emerging victorious is a slot at the semi-final stage.

Can St Peter’s SHS secure their fourth trophy this time round after coming so close yet tasting defeat in 2020?

Also competing today are Chemu SHS, St Augustine’s College, and Kanton SHS. For two-time champions St Augustine’s College, the second contest scheduled to take place at 12PM should remind them of their journey to success some few years ago.

Defending champions Presec-Legon will once again step into the arena to battle against Swedru SHS and Techiman SHS at 3PM to prove their invincibility.

The six-time winners and current champions are promising a seventh trophy. Will the Odadie boys today move closer to their goal or will their dreams be dashed by their contenders.

Below are fixtures for the quarter-final stage:

NSMQ 2021: St Peter's, Sonrise SHS feature in first contest at quarter-finals today

The 2021 National Science & Maths Quiz is produced by Primetime Limited and sponsored by the Ghana Education Service in partnership with Absa.

The broadcast of the much acclaimed competition is brought to you by JoyNews and supporting partners.

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