OCP Africa has re-launched its ‘Agri-booster Offer’ aimed at contributing to boost food production in the country and to empower smallholder farmers.

This is an innovative farmer-centred market development model that brings together different stakeholders of the agriculture value chain to provide the best conditions allowing farmers to increase their yield, incomes and livelihood.

OCP Africa is a subsidiary of OCP Group-a leading global producer of phosphate and its derivatives, with almost 100 years of experience.

The 2019 edition of Agribooster will be implemented in coordination with the Ministry of Food and Agriculture in the regions of Upper West, Upper East, Northeast, North, Bono East and Bono, aiming to reach 70,000 small-holder farmers cultivating maize, rice and soybeans. 

Speaking at the re-launch at Nasia in the North East Region, Country Manager of OCP Africa Ghana, Samuel Oduro-Asare, said, “We introduced ‘Agribooster Offer’ to support farmers to have access to training of good agricultural practices, finance, markets and high-quality inputs.

OCP Africa launches Agri-booster initiative to increase food production
Country Manager of OCP Africa Ghana, Samuel Oduro-Asare

“This combined offer will enable farmers to move beyond subsistence farming. The projected outcome for the 2019 project is to increase farm yield from 20% to 40% of the 70,000 farmers reached. The project is expected to include 30-40% of women as well as 20-30% of young farmers.”

Director of Crops at the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA), Seth Osei-Akoto said, he is very excited that this OCP Africa program is aligned with the government’s Planting for Food and Jobs Program (PFJ). 

PFJ aims to empower farmers with knowledge and skills to maximize the benefits of the usage of the subsidized planting materials and other inputs.

OCP Africa launches Agri-booster initiative to increase food production

According to him, like the Agri-booster Offer, PFJ will also improve the marketability of the increased production of food crops by establishing a strong linkage between producers, private aggregators, public food programs and private food and feed enterprises.

Mr Osei-Akoto thanked OCP Africa for this unique initiative and encouraged all farmers to embrace this offer and enhance their knowledge and skills to increase their yield, revenue and improve their well-being.

OCP Africa first launched the Agri-booster offer in 2018 reaching 10,000 maize and rice farmers in Volta, Northern and Upper West regions. A 30-40% yield increase has been achieved for this first edition.



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