Dear Mr President,

I bring you warm greetings. The last time we had the opportunity of meeting with you, we shared our thoughts about the country with you and we heard your thoughts too. We ended the meeting on a positive note reassured that you had a keen interest in ensuring the wellbeing of every Ghanaian, rich or poor. So I had the honour of taking this picture with you with each of us smiling at the prospects of a brighter future. 

But Nana, I am increasingly getting worried. It is becoming clear to me that you are not different. It is becoming clear to me that, you are beginning to prioritise access to power over the wellbeing of our people, especially the poor and vulnerable.

I am saying all these because of your decision regarding the non-distribution of the Ambulances that have been parked at State House for weeks now while people – accident victims, pregnant women, and others – continue to die on daily basis due to lack of ambulance services. 

Nana, the reason you gave for not distributing the ambulances is untenable.  In fact, it is just for political expediency and for thoughts of how you bolster your chances of winning the 2020 elections. 

Nana, would you have been comfortable if this was happening under the NDC government? I know you would have made a lot of noise about it and rightly so. So why do it yourself.

New ambulances
You said during the media encounter at which you announced your reason for ordering the ambulances parked, that 2020 will be a year of roads. But you quickly admonished Ghanaians to know that all our roads cannot be fixed in a year.  This means that some roads will be fixed while others will have to wait as must be the case. 

Nana, you did not say that when you fix some roads in some areas other people who have bad roads will complain and so you will wait till you have money for all roads before you start fixing roads. 

If your reason for not distributing the ambulances was legitimate, then you may as well have said you will not fix any road until you have money to fix all roads in one year to prevent some people from complaining. To say so will be weird. But that is literally what you said in relation to the ambulances.

When you were citing the capitals of the new regions, you knew very well that the people of Salaga were going to complain if Salaga was not made the capital for Savana Region, yet you went ahead and announced Damango as the Capital. You knew the people of Atebubu and Nkoranza were going to complain, yet you made Techiman the Capital of Bono East. 
Nana, I don’t think you are constructing factories in all Districts at the same time under the IDIF programmes. I can go on and on and on. 

Nana, if the non-distribution of the Ambulances was a piece of political advice, it is bad advice. It will harm your 2020 electoral prospects that help it. 

New ambulances
Ambulances are a matter of life and death. And for every single day that the ambulances remain parked, lives that could have been saved are lost. Nana, no power is worth a single soul and you know this.

Nana, for the sake of the Pregnant women who die on motorbikes, bicycles and tricycles in the bushes and hither lands of our country due to lack of ambulances, please #ReleaseTheAmbulancesNow. I read over the weekend that two of your appointees had delivered in the US, not all women can afford that, Nana.

Some have said that even with 1000 ambulances people will still die. This true. But that argument is the same as saying we have police and yet people still commit crimes. Should we, therefore, not have the police? The solution is to work at reducing whatever the challenges are. 

Nana, if you need a criterion on where to start the distribution from, please let the Ministry of Health and Ghana Health service let you have the relevant statistics and information on the status of emergency healthcare delivery in our country and you will know the most critical areas. Other NGOs can also help you with the relevant information too. Nana, Please #ReleaseTheAmbulanceNow.

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