Ministers in President Mahama’s administration could face Parliamentary probe and possible sanctions from next year, if they fail to fulfill promises they make to the public.

The Government Assurances Committee of Parliament is wrapping-up its guidelines titled “Rules of Engagement” and will form the basis for tracking promises and assurances of Ministers.

The Committee says it will invite petitions from members of the public and civil society groups to bring such promises to their attention.

Chairman of the Government Assurances Committee of Parliament, Emmanuel Bedzra explained to Joy News'  Fred Smith that, ministers would even be called to answer promises made by the president relating to their respective ministry.

The Committee, he said, will also look at the budget estimate for the various ministries, departments and agencies because "they are more or less an assurance and undertaking, and so by the end of the year we should be able to assess the ministry and the minister in charge to find out whether he has fulfilled what he has promised Ghanaians to do within the year."

The committee however lacks the power to punish the Ministers, and will forward a recommendation to leadership of parliament for action.

"It is our duty to ensure that the [promises] fulfilled; if they are not fulfilled, then we have to write a recommendation to Parliament for Parliament to take a decision on that," Emmanuel Bedzra said.

He said budgetary allocation for the Committee's work was made in the 2014, and promised that the Rules of Engagement would be published for all stakeholders to know what role they can play to facilitate the effective discharge of its duty.


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