The Accra Area Blood Centre at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital is in crisis.

The centre has far below the minimum units of blood to keep it running.

Authorities say the Christmas season often records a high number of motor accident cases and the lack of blood in the bank puts victims and other patients at risk.

Manasseh Azure Awuni visited the Blood Bank at Korle-Bu on Wednesday and reported the situation is dire.

He said the centre which is usually one of the busy places at the Korle-bu Teaching Hospital was rather quiet.

But for a few donors who were ready to donate blood for their family members on admission, the bank would have been empty, Mannaseh reported.

Samuel Kwesi, Head of the Blood Donor Recruitment Unit said the situation at the Bank is getting to an alarming proportion.

Asked what the implications are for patients, the unit head said patients would have to be delayed unduly when they need blood and that in itself is a dangerous threat to the patient’s life.

He appealed to all to come and donate blood for the bank and also called on Joy FM to reactivate its blood donation exercise which he said helped re-stocking the blood bank.