The 2020 general elections dominated the sermons of most of the churches in the Kumasi Metropolis during the 31st-night services.

Messages ranged from the need to be tolerant, guarding against foul language to advise against pastors declaring their support for political parties.

The watch night church services were characterised by long hours of prayers accompanied by worship songs and praises.

Head Pastor of Miracle Manner Church, Pastor Obed Joy Obeng, led the service in front of the premises of LUV FM and NHYIRA FM.

Aside from the goodwill messages in the New Year, some attention was paid to the 2020 Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

At the Calvary Charismatic Centre, where Pastor Ransford Obeng is the Head Pastor, the message was that it is unwise for church leaders and pastors to declare public support for any political party because it holds the tendency of dividing the church.

“In the church, we have different group of people that attend. Churches are supposed to bring people of different background and views together under the Lord Jesus Christ and so it is not a wise decision for any church leader to declare its support publicly for any political party,” he said.

He continued that the duty of the Pastor or the leader of the Church is to unite the people of God.

“Your duty is to pray for them when you go to the ballot box that is between you and your God,” he said.

According to the man of God, everybody is and must be responsible for the peace of Ghana and that the church must play his or her part.

“As churches, we need to pray and encourage our people (members) to be tolerant,” he said.

Others also advised against the use of foul languages and insults in the upcoming campaigns.

The pulpits were used to advise the politicians to ensure their messages are characterised by issues that can address the needs of the people and not insults.

Head Pastor for Heavenly Gate Temple of the Christ Apostolic Church, Rev. Samuel Osei, want politicians to exercise a lot of restraint during the campaign period.

Rev Samuel Osei

”We should be careful and mindful of our words, the words we will be using against our opponents must be gauged so that we don’t cause mayhem because at the end of the day we are Ghanaians and we have nowhere to go we must exercise a lot of restraint,” he admonished.

Pastor Ransford Obeng, added that “Ghanaians are respectful and insults are not part of our culture. You must convince people to vote for you based on issues,” he stressed.

Meanwhile, Superintendent Minister for mount Zion Methodist Church in Kumasi, Rev Frank Abrefa, was particular about the need to ensure that the peace in Ghana is sustained by tolerating each others’ views.

Rev Frank Abrefa

“Jesus is a peaceful being. So our speech should be guarded as we tolerate each other during this election year,” he said.

The Church Leaders also prayed for a peaceful, free and fair elections in December 2020.