Parliamentary Candidate for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in Wa West Constituency, Supt Peter Toobu (Rtd)

I have been reading about Ghana, particularly the lessons that brought us into the Fourth Republic and I do believe that all of us need to encourage ourselves to keep nurturing this democratic experiment. In this experiment, bad, good and great leaders will all have their turn and the people will gain experience over time to chose their leaders carefully.

Thus, when you find a good one, don’t be too excited neither should you think of committing suicide when a wolf in sheepskin assumes power. Anytime I close my eyes to reflect on Ghana, I see an interesting tomorrow. A tomorrow where;

  • Those who made money from ‘galamsey’ lost their fortune to ‘sakawa’ boys.
  • Those who hid behind political power to perpetuate evil In the dark against Ghana suffer with their descendants a series of strange repercussions.
  • Those who posited to be the most powerful today are found gnashing in their ownership of evil.
  • Retired officers who went back to institutions they once served to demand quality service on their complaints were disappointed. They were treated in the same manner they treated others while in active service.
  • Politicians who lied to power now find it difficult to continue to live a life of lies as they prepare to meet their creator. Many started speaking out to make the future better.
  • Judges who got corrupted and regretted filling our prisons with innocent and vulnerable souls purposed to convince the world that there is seeming justice.
  • Policy-makers who skewed policies away from enhancing human resource capacity to that sustaining political power.
  • Many were weeping to have to be reminded with horrible videos of their inhumane treatment of others yesterday and today.
  • The activities of deep State Forces of darkness who agreed to kill but came to preach publicly “Thou shall not kill.”

I saw how society has been structured to promote lies, hypocrisy and wickedness. The only way to reverse the decay is to restructure and reform as a solid foundation for transformation.

Let’s forget about those who shout ‘ transformation ‘ when in fact they do not even understand the concept of restructuring and reforms.

Let’s not be bothered about the abuse of transient power for the evil that men do, shall be engraved with their names for posterity.

Imagine the pain and frustration when the seemingly all-powerful becomes empty and powerless.

Let’s remember that “The sovereignty of Ghana resides in the people of Ghana in whose name and for whose welfare the powers of government are to be exercised….” 1992 Consitution of Ghana.

The powers of government are to be used to cater for the welfare of the people but not to deceive the people with castles of saliva that cannot withstand just the morning dew.

Tomorrow is beautiful for the honest people who truly love Ghana.

No amount of fasting and prayer, killings, deceit, thievery and corruption can prevent this tomorrow from coming.
Tomorrow is coming, are you prepared?

God bless our homeland Ghana.


Peter Lanchene Toobu is a retired police officer and politician who is a member of the National Democratic Congress. He is the member of Parliament for the Wa West Constituency in the Upper West region.