Amanfrom Top town is one of the fastest  growing communities around Kasoa. It is a low land area with greenly vegetation.

  Residents are mostly engaged in artisanal and white collar jobs.

The road linking the community from the Kasoa-Yamoransa Highway is arguably the most unmotorable around Kasoa.

Though the community falls under Ga South Municipal Assembly of Accra, it is commonly mistaken to be within the Ewutu Senya East District Assembly which manages  Kasoa township.

The bad nature of the stretch did not discourage land developers from constructing 'mansions' in the area.

Most of the buildings are new and are built with modern architectural designs that make the place an automatic choice for any prospective resident.

The economic prospects of Amanfrom Top town abounds as middle class people move in almost daily, to live in the community.

However, the poor nature of the road has become the major headache for the residents as drivers plying the road do not work any time it rains.

Their reason is that whenever it rains, the roads get flooded making it risky to wade through. They therefore find it better working somewhere else during such times.


This situation sometimes compel residents especially workers to walk about five miles to board vehicles to work.

The drivers are currently planning to embark on a peaceful demonstration to draw government attention to their plight.