Dr. Mike Mensah-Bonsu, National Chairman of the People’s National Convention (PNC), has asked for some time out to enable him review of his health in Canada.

In a letter to the Acting General Secretary dated October 5, 2007, he said in his absence, Mr John Ndebugre, First National Chairman, would hold the fort.

“I crave the indulgence of all party members to cooperate with Hon. Ndebugre in the interest of the party,” said Dr Mensah-Bonsu.

He thanked all members for the warm welcome accorded him on his arrival back home from his previous trip.

“I realise that there are some issues within the party to be resolved before the forthcoming general elections in 2008. However, I have to get back to Canada for a review of my health situation. I am therefore going to be away from Monday, 8th October, 2007.”

Last Thursday, Dr Mensah-Bonsu asked the feuding National Executive members of the party to cease hostilities and unite to build a solid front for Elections 2008.

“Am back to the chairmanship seat, all antagonisms and power struggle for the chairmanship must stop forthwith we must respect our constitutional structure of leaders and conform accordingly,” Dr. Mensah-Bonsu stated at a press conference organized to address problems within the party.

Two leading members of the party – the first and the second vice chairmen – in the absence of the National Chairman were entangled in a leadership tug-of-war.

The leadership disarray led to the creation of splinter groups, court cases and a restraining order placed on the party operations for months.

Dr. Mensah-Bonsu told newsmen that PNC as a national party must be governed in accordance with its Constitution in the broad framework of the 1992 Constitution.

Source: GNA


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