POEM: 57 Squared

57th celebration since '57?
And where are we at 57?

In '57 we watched and applauded,
Filled with expectation and anticipation!
At our 57th we still watch and wait,
Filled with anger at what could have been!
Filled with 57 years of false starts!
Filled with hurt at the drain pipes of waste 
Filled with the part-results of early sweat!
Filled with trepidation at the looming plunge
Into the chasm, the abyss of despair!

Water not flowing
Lights not shining
Prices not stabilising
Health not improving
Teaching not achieving
Works not progressing
Production not growing
Our economy "cartwheeling"
With everyone "a-grabbing"
But….. The years roll on
Time and tide not waiting
While we start and stop
While we stop and start
Forgetting to grow so leaving
Our Nation still a "Child"!!
While we, hoping against hope
Looking at now against then, 
At what could have been at 57!!

In '57 we were at the brink
Of all we could do and be;
At 57 we are at the brink
Looking back at all we could have been!
Looking back at all we could have achieved!!
Looking back with downcast eyes at what we have lost!!!

At 57 let us square our shoulders,
At 57 let us re-inspire ourselves,
At 57 let us do for others and for Ghana,
At 57 let us all, leaders and led alike, be up and doing for our Ghana!!
So in 57 years we can be proud of our Ghana!!

Happy Independence Day, All!