Ashanti Region Police are on the hunt for a Nigerian and two other people suspected to have killed a house–help at Nhyiaeso in Kumasi.

Forty year old Grace Opoku was found dead with her hands tied behind and powdered pepper stuffed in her mouth, nose and eyes in the room of the suspects.

The petty trader and house help is said to have been on good terms with the suspects until the tragedy. The suspects were her next door neighbours.

Luv FM’s KwabenaAmpratwum reports that the middle-aged Nigerian in the company of the two asked the deceased, a mother of two, to fetch them water in the presence of Grace’s mistress on Friday afternoon.

Immediately she left, the suspects attacked the mistress but had to flee after she and her wheel-bound mother shouted for help.

The mistress then lodged a complaint with the police at Ridge.  The police follow up to the house to conduct a research only to discover the lifeless body of Grace.