Leading manufacturer of plastic storage and packaging products, Poly Tank has been awarded the prestigious Superbrand status, reaffirming the brand’s outstanding commitment to excellence in the Ghanaian market.

This is the second time Poly Tank has been awarded this distinctive position by the global organization Superbrands Council as the best brand in the Plastics sector in the country.

Superbrand status is an invitation-only award that is offered to brands that have distinguished themselves as the best quality in the markets they operate; in 88 countries across the world to be precise.

Presenting the award, the Chief Executive Officer of African Brands Warrior, Fatima Ali Mohammed said, it was a “fantastic achievement” for Polytank to become a Superbrand because attaining such a feat was solely based on authentic and credible information gathered from consumers through research.

Madam Ali Mohammed explained that the national research which was carried out by Nielsen, an international research agency focused on more than 30 key sectors of the economy, instead of only the Fast Moving Consumable Goods (FMGCs) sector “where brands are normally seemed to be considered”.

“I’m coming from a different school of thought – that as long as I am receiving service in any form, one is a brand… So we went and did research for example, in the Public Sector including utility companies – ECG and Ghana Water, Ports, Customs, government projects, schools and hospitals, just to get a feel of where were we”, she said.

Madam Ali Mohammed noted that despite the influx of awards schemes that have eroded faith and confidence in brands, that of a Superbrand is based on fact-finding and not a consideration which makes the award justifiable.

She noted that the research focused on fundamental questions such as “Is the brand having a top of mind awareness? When it was last consumed? From when was it last consumed to the recent consumption? Is there consistency or has somebody switched? Why have they switched? Who is this person that is buying from? Which regions are they buying it and age-wise?”

She said the research findings indicated that Poly Tank “stood out “in the plastic sector due to its consistency on quality and imagery, despite “all players in your market having the same products”.

“So we are very proud as Superbrands to be able to sit here and say we are rewarding it from a very honest approach and with integrity to the brand”, she stated.

Commenting on the award, the Executive Director of the Mohinani Group, Mr. Ashok Mohinani said that Poly Tank was honored to be awarded a Superbrand for the second time and commended the Superbrands Council for the comprehensive and transparent award processes.

Mr. Mohinani noted that “the award represents Poly Tank’s values of quality, trust and distinction on the market” and expressed the company’s appreciation to customers for their loyalty towards the brand. He also pledged the brand’s commitment to “continue lifting the bar very high in the industry”.

The Superbrands award brings to three awards, well received by Poly Tank this year. The brand was recently awarded the “Plastic Manufacturing Company of the Year (Industrial Category)” and the “Manufacturing Innovations Awards” for its Polytank Mobile Toilet System at the Ghana Manufacturing Awards.