Chief Executive Premier Aesthetic Clinic has called on Ghanaians to reconsider the negative mindset surrounding cosmetic surgery.

According to Jahara Osman, the country has medical professional who are well-versed in the area to help boost citizens’ confidence.

The entrepreneur explained that these practitioners, including those at her facility are open to administering the procedure in the safest way possible amid a rigorous consultation lap.

“Just like every surgery, plastic surgery is not a dangerous thing. When people go online and research about it, they only see negative information yet there are people who are safely doing it,” she said.

Premier Aesthetic Clinic CEO demystifies cosmetic surgery in Ghana
A nurse setting up machines for a procedure in a treatment room at Premier Aesthetic Clinic

Ms Osman explained that the way to go is to provide interested persons with adequate information towards making an informed decision.

“We’re not here to tell people to get into cosmetic surgey and we want to guide you to make an informed decision towards your surgery. So not everybody actually needs the surgery they probably think they want to do. So we need to take you through the process to determine whether you qualify,” she said.

Jahara Osman made these comments when she took the media on a tour of the facility at Roman Ridge on Saturday.

The entrepreneur believes that the unfavorable narrative around the practices is unfortunate and encouraged Ghanaians to do more research on the topic.

She further explained that “if people were willing to talk about it you’ll be surprised as to how many people have had safe surgeries in Ghana.”

Premier Aesthetic Clinic is a clinic and wellness centre which offers not only surgical and non-surgical locations, but also technical advice on beauty.

Their services range from facials, laser, IV infusions, fillers, fat loss, teeth whitening and some invasive procedure (liposuction, breast implants, Brazilian butt-lift and mummy makeover).