Former Attorney General Ayikoi Otoo says recent shootings in suburbs of Kumasi in the Ashanti region is a dent on the country’s security and needs the president who has the executive authority to act immediately for things to be brought under control.

On Multitv’s Joint Caucus, he stressed the need to avoid playing political cards with the issue and rather collectively ensure that law and order prevails in the country.
For Ayikoi Otoo, where the arms came from and who armed those men should be a source of worry.

“Let us deal with lawlessness if it is,let us deal with armed robbery if it is and ask ourselves where the people got the arms from, we are talking about AK47s and very dangerous arms, where did they come from and who armed them? That is why the president must step in”.

Earlier some members of parliament raised arguments that the government had not intervened swiftly in the shooting incidences, alluding to the president briefing the media 2 days after.

Member of Parliament for Nantong constituency, Ibrahim Mutala Mohammed who was also on the show dismissed those arguments calling them baseless.

“The president does not need to brief the media after every single issue, if he deems it fit to come out now, we can only commend him. This is not a political issue, the security of this country is paramount”.

Mutala Mohammed was optimistic the security will bring the situation in Kumasi under control and deal with perpetrators and called on all regardless of political affiliations to condemn this dastardly act.