The New Patriotic Party Parliamentary Candidate for Adoagyiri/Nsawam Constituency in the Eastern Region Mr. Frank Annoh Dompreh has said that President John Mahama should rather sack his health advisers on his recent goof that, children under 18 years were already enjoying free medical care under the National Health Insurance Scheme.

The NPP flagbearer Nana Akufo-Addo promised Ghanaians to ensure children under 18 enjoyed free health care if elected president of Ghana.

In a response, President Maham criticized Nana Akufo-Addo of being ignorant since children currently enjoy free health care under the existing NHIA law, adding he (Nana Addo) should sack his advisers for ill advising him.

However, the former Eastern Regional Organiser for the NPP who is now a parliamentary hopeful said, President Mahama’s advisers rather aided him in the NDC’s usual character of twisting facts and peddling propaganda on sensitive issues that boarder on the future of the country.

Mr. Frank Annoh Dompreh made the statement when he presented hospital equipment worth GHC10, 000 to some clinics and health centers in Nsawam and Adoagyiri. The beneficiary institutions are the New Life Clinic, Adoagyiri Health Centre and Djankrom Health Centre.

According to him, president Mahama and the NDC has no message for Ghanaians hence has resorted to countering all the policies and plan the NPP has for the country, instead of telling Ghanaians what rather he has for them.

He said the NDC had opposed the NPP’s proposed Free SHS, free Medical care for children under 18 and all the major policy statements by the NPP.

“In his desperation to win power for the first time, president Mahama told Ghanaians that, his government will make all Polytechnics’ a degree awarding institutions. Meanwhile, Koforidua Poly, Takoradi Poly and some other polytechnics are already awarding degree. This is the level of deceit and desperation of the NDC and John Mahama,” Anno Dompreh said.

Annnoh Dompreh noted that, the New Patriotic Party is the only political party that has the health of Ghanaians at heart hence the introduction of the National Health Insurance Scheme.