Big Brother Africa Uganda Housemate, Hannington, has been disqualified and evicted from the reality show Friday after his fight with Lerato (Housemate from South Africa) Tuesday.

The fight occurred when Barnmates were discussing issues affecting the African continent. Hannington and Lerato got into an argument over certain aspects of the discussion which subsequently resulted in the fight.

This is a dramatic twist to events after Big Brother earlier decided to forgive both Barnmates and cautioned them not to fight any more in the Barn.

It is suspected pressure from Women Rights Activists and followers of the show forced Big Brother to Evict Hannington form the reality show.

Big Brother addressed the Barnmates Friday and made the announcement as follows:

“You have all been through a great deal this week.

“This was as a result of a confrontation that took place on Tuesday evening during a Task discussion. Lerato and Hannington were involved in a quarrel. Initially verbal, and then physical.

“Big Brother has given both Hannington and Lerato opportunities to meet with a psychologist. In addition, a number of housemates were receptive to a group session with the therapist to try to clear the air.

“Big Brother believes that a mature and healthy resolution to differences is the preferable way to resolve conflict. Hopefully, the process of healing has been allowed to begin over the past week.

“Nonetheless, rules are rules. Hannington, as you have repeatedly stated, your behaviour on Tuesday evening was unacceptable. At any time during the incident, you could have voluntarily walked away. Big Brother believes that the apologies you have made subsequently are both heartfelt and genuine.

“However, everyone must take responsibility for their actions, and bear the consequences. After very careful consideration and consultation, Big Brother has decided that you have been disqualified from the game, and you have been evicted. Hannington, it is apparent, and you have stated, that you have ‘anger problems’. Big Brother will assist you in finding help in addressing these issues. In addition, Big Brother strongly advises you to continue seeing a therapist.

“The confrontation that precipitated this eviction involved two people. Lerato – during the time leading up to the physical confrontation – you were provoking, impetuous and rude. In addition you were verbally abusive towards Hannington.

“Respect for your fellows, Lerato, should be valued and cherished. Whatever the analysis, the end result was a physical confrontation.

“Big Brother believes that because of your active role in the events leading up to the confrontation, the following punishment is applicable. Firstly, you will lose your rights to nominate for the remainder of the game. Secondly, you may not consume any alcohol and you are required to take over all dish washing duties whilst you remain in the barn. Your treatment of your fellow contestants and your language will be under very close scrutiny at all times.

“Big Brother also encourages you to continue seeing the therapist on, at least, a weekly basis. The alcohol restrictions placed on the rest of the Barnmates for next week are lifted, but all of you are encouraged to be extremely moderate in this regard.

“Big Brother would like the Barnmates to consciously examine very carefully all the issues that caused this situation to arise, and to critically assess all the participants’ actions.” (Statement sourced from Big Brother).

Story by Ernest Dela Aglanu/