The Chamber of Petroleum Consumers wants government to go after firms that have defaulted in payment of taxes and breach of licensing requirement.

This follows the withdrawal of licenses of some Bulk Oil Distribution Companies by the National Petroleum Authority over regulatory infractions.

A recent Auditor General Report has also revealed that 28 Oil Marketing Companies owe some ¢227 million in taxes to the state.

But Executive Secretary of the Chamber Duncan Amoah says withdrawing the licenses alone might not be enough.

“We’ll want the NPA to work jointly with the Ghana Revenue Authority to ensure that whatever funds that accrue to all us, and the state is recovered before the licenses are withdrawn. And, so those who hold the licenses are known.”

“If there’s been infringement, we would want to see the NPA collaborate with the Ghana Revenue Authority to retrieve those monies due to the state before withdrawing the licenses altogether if need be”, he explained.

Mr. Duncan Amoah said his outfit will be happy if the NPA can publish names of defaulting companies.

“We’d be very happy to get a publication done, those that have been able to retrieve monies from – at least we should be able to inform the public -, those they’re working to retrieve the monies, those they may even be looking for information about”.

He concluded saying “I’m sure if they put that information out, the public will be able to assist.”

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