Ghana midfielder Quincy Owusu-Abeyie has made a shock move to Qatar side Al Saad Football Club.

The move has shocked the football world as he was expected to have joined some of the top European clubs who are chasing after his signature.

The former Dutch U21 youth international arrived in the Asian country last night as he seeks to end his loan stay with English side Portsmouth.

His Russian club Spartak Moscow are reported to have completed the deal for the winger and paid Portsmouth £250,000 to allow to break his loan deal.

Abeyie will earn US$100,000 per week which is tax free, taking him at par with some of the top players in world football.

The player who had been on loan at Portsmouth in the English Premiershipfrom Russian side Spartak Moscow arrived in Doha, Qatar earlier on Tuesday, passed a medical before signing a deal which the club did not make public.

Officials of the club say the dashing winger has been signed partly as cover for the injured Opoku Agyemang who ironically wasone of the players keeping Quincy out of the Ghana national team.

Agyemang is out for six months and now Quincy is hopinghe can grab his chance with not just the Qatari side but with the national team as well.

It is yet another move in the nomadic career of the player.

The former Ajax trainee has played for Arsenal, Spartak Moscow and on loan at Birmingham City, Cardiff City and recentlyPortsmouth all in the English League.

Quincy had looked to be progressing well in the Premiership turning in aseries of fine displays for the troubled club.

But Spartak Moscow offered to be the remaining off Portsmouth half of the half a million pounds they spent on his loan deal and take him back to Russia.


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