A former avowed critique of the Mills-led government Ras Mubarak has stated emphatically that he is determined to work relentlessly to ensure that President John Mills is re-elected for a second term.

Ras Mubarak’s affirmation comes on the back of the announcement of the formation of a new political party, National Democratic Party (NDP) under the aegis of the family of the founder of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) and two-term president of Ghana, Jerry John Rawlings.

Once a darling boy of the Rawlingses who was a torn in the flesh of the Mills administration in the early days, he intimated that: “I believe the NDC is the best party to advance the cause of Ghana/Ghanaians. I will choose the Professor over what the NPP is presenting on any day.”

Ras Mubarak, who is the NDC’s parliamentary candidate for Ablekuma North wrote on his facebook wall hours before the new party was formally announced that: “Some of us are unfazed by the formation of this new party out of the NDC. If God says YES, who can say NO? I am very determined to work to get President Mills re-elected for a 2nd term. NDC all the way.”

He admitted to his friends on the social network that his refusal to work “to send the NDC into opposition” has attracted “some disgruntled elements in the NDC (who are unwittingly goaded by the NPP) calling me Greedy Bastard, then I receive it in the name of God”

He further stated, “If Kufuor can work with J.H. Mensah, if Obama can work with Mrs. Clinton and Nana Akufo Addo can beg Alan Kyeremanteng to work with him in spite of what they may have said against each other in the past, it should be perfectly normal that I work to keep President Mills in power.”

Asked why he is supporting Mills, he responded, “I am supporting President Mills on a matter of principle. There was a contest, the person I supported lost. Unless we are suggesting that Alan Kyeremateng’s supporters should not support the man who defeated their preferred choice, I don’t see what the problem is. It is called collective responsibility.”

Already, a former General Secretary of the NDC, Dr Josiah Aryeh is the interim chairman of the National Democratic Party. The question remains which of the known faces in the NDC would join the NDP bandwagon.