Government’s Spokesperson on Infrastructure has expressed strong optimism that the reconstruction of the Accra- Tema motorway will commence in December, 2021 as expected.

Kojo Frempong in an interview on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show said although the Roads and Highways Ministry has not received Parliamentary approval, government will proceed with the project as scheduled.

According to him, after the parliamentary approval is obtained, the other ‘items on the list’, including serving of notice to people who have encroached the land designated for the project, will be dealt with.

“We don’t have parliamentary approval but we expect that by December, the Parliamentary approval would have been secured already and we will be on track.

“Nobody will go into such a major project without a plan. So yes, there is a plan. Plans have a contingency period and how they are deployed. So step one of the plan is to get the Parliamentary approval,” he stated on Thursday.

The reconstruction of the busiest highway in the capital has suffered some setbacks which have caused the project to delay.

In view of this, many commuters have expressed indifference to government’s promise to undertake the project.

But Mr Frempong allayed their concerns, stressing that government is resolved to reconstructing the motorway to meet the demands of the 21st Century.

He underscored that the fundamental processes have been accomplished, except the approval of the legislative arm of government.

Meanwhile, a Road Construction Engineer, Ing. Abdulai Mahama has pleaded with the Minority caucus not to drag the approval of the project when presented to the House.

He said the project is long overdue and has already suffered many setbacks. So, deliberation on the redevelopment should be hastened. “It’s only proper that we have to be transparent enough. Because when you move it to Parliament and the Minority decide to drag their feet, you are elongating the problem.”

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