The Accra East Regional Superintendent of the Assemblies of God church says the state must make it impossible for individuals without just cause to have access to arms.

Rev. Dr. Joseph K.K Baisie says as a nation, that prides itself with modern democratic credentials, its reputation is at stake with party militia taking over the country.

He believes in order to fight the canker, “political parties must be committed to discouraging its members from engaging in such acts by disciplining offenders.

“I urge all leaders, especially national and political leaders to hold high the interest of Ghana above petty party interests and collectively reject vigilantism in all ways.”

Speaking at the maiden Regional Council meeting of the church at Shai Hills Wednesday, he bemoaned how party militia is a rising threat on the life, progress and development of the nation.

“Over the years, there has been a study upsurge in the use of such groups in the name of providing security for political parties and their kingpins.

“Culprits and perpetrators have all been the spared the brunt of the law because authorities have inadvertently shielded most of them from prosecution,” he noted.

He wants the political authorities as well as other national leaders to put their shoulders to the wheel to end what he describes as a social canker that news urgent attention.

Rev. Dr Baisie said leaders should discourage their followers by allowing the perverts to face the full rigours of the law.

In a related development, he urged national leaders and state institutions responsible to help fight the age-old issue of land guards by imposing stiffer punishment on offenders.

According to him, it is unfortunate that lives have been lost and properties destroyed as a result of this issue charging those in charge to take a critical look at solving it.

Touching on the subject of corruption, the man of God said “the catastrophic impact of corruption is too pervasive and far outweighs any personal benefit of individual perpetrators.

“I, therefore, use this occasion to add my voice in the fight against corruption at all levels in our society.”

Concluding his address, the Greater Accra East Regional Superintendent of the Assemblies of God Church made a solemn plea to all Churches to take a critical look at noise making.

According to him, modern trends and changes in societal preferences have put a demand on changing the way churches deal with noise pollution in their localities.

“Recently, it was reported that two Churches were fined by a court for excessive noise in their communities. We ask Churches to work at reducing the noise they make. Our auditoriums should be sound-proofed if resources allow. Otherwise, the level of noise must reduce drastically,” he observed.

Rev. Dr. Baisie said it is time government allocates places in communities for churches and religious buildings to avoid conflict with residents.

“I want to advise that, as much as we take measures to address this issue, individuals must desist from taking advantage of this case to attack or disturb Churches in the name of fighting noise making,” he said.

For his part, Rev Professor Paul Frimpong­ Manso, the General Superintendent of the church, made rallying call on the Council reminding them of this year’s theme, “Bearing the fruit of the Holy Spirit.”

He explained that the theme was a natural progression on last year’s theme of “manifesting the gifts of the spirit”.