After years of drinking from a muddy, germ-infested stream, the people of Pekyerekye will now enjoy the benefit of a borehole in their town.

The small community in the Ashanti region now have access to potable water via a borehole, thanks to Promasidor Ghana Limited, producers of Cowbell. This is the first-ever borehole in the community.

The project is in response to JoyNews’ Safe Water project, which highlighted the challenges of communities without access to potable water.

Below is a report by Justice Baidoo.

The water bodies in this farming community have over the years been polluted by agricultural chemicals, making it harmful for human consumption.

“We are farmers here and we normally pollute our rivers with agricultural chemicals and it wasn’t safe for mankind,” said the Assemblyman for the community.

One of the residents, recounting their challenges said: “Our water source before now was terrible; it was greenish and looked very dangerous. There were even germs in the water. Now we are better”.

They expressed their appreciation to Cowbell and hoped for more of such gestures to ease their water woes.