Management of Riohs has announced that it has rebranded its institution from a Fashion School to a Creative Design College.

In a statement, the institution pronounced that “our foundational fashion design and illustration institution, Riohs Originate, is now the Riohs College of Design.”

According to the management, the upgrade will seek to unearth potentials and make them seasoned professionals.

“Over the last decade, the institution has existed with the aim of growing talents. Our rebrand is closely aligned with our ultimate goal of becoming the leading institution in fashion and creative design training in Africa.”

The College will be offering a wider range of Creative design courses including:

  • Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Fashion
  • Creative Thinking
  • Concept Development
  • Branding
  • Pattern Making

“In this new phase, we will continue to identify and nurture fresh potential and prove over and over again that one can learn how to think creatively to attain a concept, sketch, and design, create patterns, design and sew a collection in six months. 

” Offering morning, evening, and weekend options, our classes offer practical guidance. Our training transforms students into conscious smarter decision-makers with an eye on the fashion industry’s sustainability.”

Founder and Talent Manager of Riohs, Richard Ohene Sika was optimistic about the new journey the institution is about to embark on.

According to him, “Everyone has a touch of creativity hidden inside them, they just need a little Riohs in them to unearth their potential. The world always needs more people who are creating, so consider joining us. We can help you, realise your vision.”

The Riohs College of Design is a creative design service and training college in Accra, Ghana that was birthed in 2010 with only 3 students.

Since then, it has gone on to graduate more than 1,500 students across Africa and globally, who come to it’s Dzorwulu campus for the 6-month program.

Riohs is the pioneer and creator of the 6-month program in Fashion Design and Fashion Illustration in Ghana.

The course was designed to offer practical instruction through learning by doing. Riohs offers a functional fully serviced atelier that serves as the center of its campus. The College intends to keep transforming lives through giving an opportunity to talents who seek to express their creative talents, under the guidance of professional artists from all over the world.