The National Road Safety Authority (NRSA) says although the Covid-19 pandemic has drastically reduced the usual mass movement of people during the campaign season, road safety measures will still be enforced in order to further reduce road accidents.

According to the Northern Regional Director of the Authority, Alexander Ayattah, his team will involve political party heads in their road safety strategies.

Mr Ayattah explained, in an interview with JoyNews, that it is important to ensure the political parties also preach road safety on their tours to encourage electorates to be careful in their travels.

“We want to see how they convey their people when there is a rally, organise transport, make arrangements when driving their convoy, how do they space the cars, the timing of the movements and the number of people in the car.”

Mr Ayattah encouraged the political party heads to follow safety protocols when considering transportation-related activities such as busing electorates.

His comments are in view of the campaign tours started by the leaders of the political parties across the nation who are engaging their electorates ahead of the elections.

“We are working hard to see to it that before December, we would have the chance to talk to the political leaders,” Mr Ayattah added.

Meanwhile, the Overlord of the Dagbon traditional area, Yaa-Naa Abubakari Mahama, in February urged political parties to appoint road safety officers from their camps.

This, the Yaa-Naa, who is also the road safety ambassador for the Northern Region said will help ensure their followers abide by road safety regulations during rallies and campaigns.

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